TheLT_BlogLogo_1.5x1.5THE Lt.

Dedicated husband, father, dog owner and Denver Broncos fan. I am a firm believer that Peyton Manning needs to visit Bahrain. I am THE Lt. and you will enjoy my posts.



1-MC1 MC

Hailing from parts unknown (what’s a buckeye anyway), where they apparently have a few trees, 1 MC can recite his favorite recipes and their ingredients by weight, volume, or resultant alcohol volume. He seldom remembers recipes for food. When he does resort to eating, his lifelong search for the perfect tostada continues.

A recently added member of the NAVCENT/US 5th Fleet team, 1 MC is rapidly developing a sense of humor. His work is quick, professional, and altogether informative. He is the epitome of an LPO of mass communication specialist and a could be, would be chief in the making.

elTea(CDR)eL Tea(cdr)

 el Tea(cdr): Hailing from the Garden State, she jumped off the turnpike and landed on her feet ready for action. Despite this cat-like behavior, she and her husband are avid dog lovers. Their daughter, C-dog, is a precious (canine) addition to their family, and actually came with the marriage.  Itsy bitsy baby Caelyn recently made her debut in Bahrain too, keeping C-dog’s jealousy levels continually high. el Tea(cdr)’s demeanor reflects the perfervidity of a well-caffeinated tea lover and is seldom matched for optimism and enthusiasm at NAVCENT/U.S. 5th Fleet. Her persistent “Good Morning”s and “It’s going to be a great day!”s are routinely met with groans of the not-yet-awake and stimulant deficient masses.

el Tea(cdr) manages the office full of miscreants that does everything from video production to copy collation, and is often found at meetings soaking up the awesomeness that are PowerPoint briefings.

audacityThe Producer

 A Southern belle without an accent,  The Producer made her way down Bourbon Street and found herself in Bahrain.  A cat lady without the craziness (ok maybe a little), she and her husband have two rescue cats named Mr. Morgan and Izzy who keep them up late at night chasing each other around the house. She is also an avid reader and when asked if she has seen a certain movie she often looks clueless unless there was a book before the movie she may have read. She loves to travel and has definitely been bitten by the wanderlust bug.

The Producer does everything from photos to graphics along with some video thrown in there for a little seasoning. She is always up for a challenge and enjoys learning new skills to add to her Mass Communication Specialist toolbox.


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